WoW Raid Manager Website Shutdown

What's Happening?

It's been several years since WRM was a growing project.  For several years now WRM has been in maintenance mode with it's website up but mostly unsupported.

At this point, the spam bots have taken over the website and the forums are no place where I would send anyone for anything, let alone for support.  While I am not getting rid of the project, it went into indefinate slumber a long time ago and this is not changing.

At this point the website is going to go the same way.  For any of you who are still using this product, I apologize for the removal of the website and the support resources underneith it.  However, I cannot maintain it and my web host is getting a bit gripy about the size of the database.  I don't have time to manage the spam bots nor the interest in doing so.

What does this Mean?

For the moment, this page will serve to direct anyone still interested in this software to the base resoures that I still provide:  Namely downloads from sourceforge and the code base on github.

For anyone new to this website who has happened to run across this software as a potential solution for managing your guild raids, most of it is still functional and with a bit of database / data work there's no reason why the software can't be made to work for you, but there is no help and there is no support, this will be an "on your own" thing.  If that doesn't suit you, you'll want to find other software from someone else.

There was a branch of the Github code base a while back by one of the developers who rolled on to help with the software, unfortunately I don't know if/where that branch is support wise.  Following the GitHub link below and then determing where the code base branches are might be useful to get more up to date software.

Does the Software Still Work?

The most recent download from Sourceforge (Link below) should install/run on any recently supported version of PHP and MySQL - The last version of the software was produced in the PHP 5.3 days and MySQL 5.x.  Any version of MySQL 5 should properly support a running version of this software, but you may run into deprecated pieces of code with an update to a more recent version of PHP.  Turning off Error reporting will likely be a good idea.

The code base also uses the Smarty template engine and will be several versions of that behind, but that too should run on any recent version of the software, so again, none of this should keep the code from functionling.

There are various things (such as rollover popups on items and such) that will NOT work at this point, but again this should not cause the code to fail to work in general.

***SPECIFIC to Rollover Popups, there were changes made a long time ago that broke the popups to the point where they would cause HUGE amounts of data being exchanged back and forth between client and server. Please make sure you turn OFF/disable popups in any version of this software you deploy.  This is VITALLY important if you do not wish to upset your hosting provider.

What does it Support?

The software was intitially written for World of Warcraft, I don't know if any other game/software was made to work with it, but the support is mostly there to make it more "generic" to work with other games with the same conceptual design as WoW (For instance SWTOR or potentially ESO). 

The sofware was discontinued shortly before cataclysm was released and I did come back to update the software (mostly) for the Cataclysm expansion.  Since then, the software has been unmaintained. 

Again, with a little bit of database work it's likely that current expansions could be made to work with the game and potentially other games, but the last version of the software was written for Cataclysm only.

Where can I get it?  What Resources are Available?

The last released version of the installable code can be found on Sourceforge (v4.1.3)

The last version of the software annouced for release was done by a Developer by the name of Istari on the boards who took over in my absence.  His code was updated to 4.2 and ended at  While I cannot confirm this code as production quality, I'd put a pretty large sum of money on it that it's in better shape than the 4.1.3 version posted above. You'll need to download the 4.2.1 software and decompress it first, the other dot releases (4.2.1.[1|2|3]) are patches on top of that code base...overwrite files in the base 4.2.1 download with the files in .1, .2 and .3...make sure to apply them in that order also.

Finally there's the GitHub for the project.  All of the branches up to 4.1's latest listed are mine, neme-installer and neme4.2 are both development branches that I don't guarantee will even function.  The final version (v4.2.1) may have been my push of Istari's release above before shutting down the project, but I don't guarantee that.  It's likely 4.2.1* files above comprise a better version than what's on GitHub at this point, but again I don't know that for certain.


If you've made it this far, i'm impressed and Thank You! :)

The software was released under the GNU GPL (v3 I believe) license.  As per the GPL, you have the right to take this software and do with it what you please.  If you do happen to branch the code base and do something with it, drop me a line on GitHub and let me know about your branch so I can eventually (maybe) do a pull on it, just for old time sakes.

I wish to extend my deepest thank you to everyone over the years that WRM was in active development who made this a successful project for the time it was available.  While I probably won't get everyone, I'll give it a shot.  For anyone whom I did miss, please know that I appreciate your contribution as much as those I did mention below.

Thank you!

Finally, I'll go ahead and link the "Credits" File I maintained with the WRM software to make sure all of the historical contributions are available.

WRM Credits

Thank you to Everyone!